Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

February 22, 2020


Jorge :J





C:Jorge. Jorge get in here. Jorge, sit down. Take a look at this nonsense. Report by a Soviet hight command on their recent naval exercises in the Black Sea. Just what the admiralty has been begging us for some information on.

G:Where did you get this.

C:I didn't, Percy and his little cabal walked in with it.

T:Look, Control.

C:Shut up!

B:Style, appalling. Patently a fabrication from beginning to end. Just could be the real thing.

G:Well, if it's genuine, it's gold dust. But its topicality makes it suspect.

C:Smily is suspicious, Percy.

G:Where did it come from? What's the access?

P:A new secret source of mine.

S:But how could he possibly have access to.

P:He has a access to the most sensitive levels of policy-making. We've named the operation Witchcraft.

C:Oh, Percy and his pals bypassed us, Smily. Gone straight to the administer. Percy has been allowed to keep the identity of his new friend top secret.

P:Administer agrees with me that too many secrets are blown around here. Too much failiure, too many scandals, too little solid inteligence.

R:Percy does have a point, Control. We should be fighting Communism, not each other.

P:While we're losing our reputation, or partners.

C:Your bloody Yanks!

P:And we've had enough! There's going to be changes.

T:We need to decide if we want to be part of the past or part of the future.

C:I should have left you where I found you.

T. et. al: Look control.

C:Out! All of you.

G:If Witchcraft is genuine.

C:Nothing is genuine anymore.